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For many people liberality comprises just in giving but then accepting is likewise a demonstration of affection, permitting another person to fulfill us, will satisfy them as well. The world is shook with the appearance of COVID-19, the loss of life is rising step by step in each nation. Individuals are battling for their lives and for their kindred people, keeping aside all the distinctions about them. Mankind has been playing its lead job in each nation. We have a great many specialists, medical caretakers, social activists who have imperiled their lives to this reason, not out of commitment yet love.

Gathering of adolescents from Kerala, from an unassuming community in Thrissur, Kodungalloor, has taken up their job in battling this pandemic. they have been donating blood to more than 1300 people since the lockdown. Under the Perinjanam State Legislative Assembly, SFI individuals under the administration of , Rahul Kumar President of SFI, Perinjanam unit, 21 years alongside pioneers Shamam, Jose and Isahac Hussain, started the program.

With many issues being tended to during this pandemic, the non-accessibility of blood appear to get no much consideration, however with this daring demonstration by the individuals from Perinjanam unit, has moved the issue. We should be pleased with the youthful age, which is our tomorrow for partaking in this gigantic emergency in any case their wellbeing.

Written by:Lakshmi Muralidharan

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