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A happy self, a healthy self

Mental wellness is at full, when the mind is happy. Happiness is the key to all the mental illness. If one doesn't find happiness, it's their duty to create it. Mental well-being has got so much influence in one's life. What happens inside is exhibited outside. The thought process of a human being has got so much power that, a happy being, makes sure that their smile becomes contagious.

In order to live in peace, people spread peace, which is the output of ignoring negativity. Positive thoughts have got so much to do with the mental stability of a person. However broken a person might be, but the positive thoughts that they have inside their minds would never make them fall or break down.

Life is too live and cherish every moment. Doing things whole mindedly, is the secret step for success. A perfect planning of one's inner peace and a stable life time goal, can be said to be the two most important things ever, a person could need. Happiness is not a state of mind that's confined to one single person, rather happiness is meant to be shared. Mental health plays a great role in a person's external performance. So it does not take much time in spreading what you have will also be useful for others, if shared. So taking a great decision would be when one decides to be happy and also to make others happy.

Written by:Gayathri Krithika

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