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Being big ..not the condition to be kind

Once there was a rich businessman he was ready to take off from Delhi to New york and was in search of taxy when he suddenly noticed a young boy who was trying to repair his bicycle, he seemed to be tense and in hurry. The businessman asked him the reason for his tensed gesture and so much hurry. The boy replied that he has a important exam in half an hour and the center is far away. The rich man offered him to take taxi which he had booked but he replied he had no money, so rich man very politely said that he will help and will pay for him. The boy became happy and thanked the businessman. Years later around seven years , the rich businessman went bankrupt and was facing some legal issues with respect to his business when he met one of the lawyers who was the same boy he helped years ago. The boy recognized the businessman who helped him when he was in need. He readily took his case and put his heart and soul and helped businessman to win the case. After winning when he was offered the payment he replied very politely that he has already received the payment years ago and then the businessman recognized that boy and understood that every good deed counts and no one is small to help.

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