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Healthy body refers to overall well-being that is physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Good health is the key to happiness. A healthy body is free from any disease and is very positive in attitude. Great wellbeing is the way to satisfaction. Just when an individual is sound then he/she can do things appropriately. Great wellbeing can be accomplished by doing works out, eating healthy, having appropriate rest, and drinking loads of water, etc. It is a very famous proverb that ‘Health is Wealth’ which means that health is the real money and prosperity. A person who has a healthy body and mind can achieve everything.

Wellbeing alludes to the general well-being that is genuinely, intellectually, socially and inwardly. It is likewise said that 'A solid body lives god' which implies that 'God remains in a healthy brain and soul'.

It is significant that everybody must keep up wellbeing and to get liberated from body issue and feel great constantly and it relies upon numerous few things. A solid body and brain can be made by eating perfect and green nourishment, doing practices day by day, eating dietary nourishment, keeping up an appropriate time table, sleeping by 9-10 pm and waking up by 6am.

Also, 8 hours of sleep is very important for our body to grow. A healthy body eliminates every negativity and keeps everyone away from all diseases. It keeps all happy and positive.

By:Gayathri Raj

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