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Lead Kindness Hero Abdul Khader

A golden soul!

The daily-wage labourers are those worst affected by the 21-day lockdown. They don't have any earnings. It is this time that has put spotlight on a 60-year-old man from Kerala who has taken measures to feed and as many daily-wage migrants as he can who are hailing from Bihar and Jharkhand

Mr. Abdul Khader was a telephone operator.He has put effort to feed 131 deprived workers. He made them stay at his own place with all the basic facilities. He has been feeding them more than 10 days.He feeds them with rice, daal, and soybeans. Earlier when the outbreak wasn't even worse he fed them with meat. Khader spends Rs 8,000 per day to feed the migrants.

Khader has employed a few of those migrant workers to work in his fields for vegetable cultivation.

Even at this age he takes measures to reach out to those who're in need. “When I heard of the lockdown, I did not think twice before taking over their responsibility. What if the corona takes me tomorrow. The best thing money can do is the satiate the hunger of a person.” says Mr. Khader. It is the world's Karma that has left out pure souls like him to look after the needy even at the time where everything has become uncertain.

We Salute our Lead Kindness Hero Abdul Khader

Stroy By : Gayathri Krithika

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