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Lead Kindness Hero Ansuman Biswal

"log kehte hai Duniya bahat kharab hai, hum khud ache bann jaye shayad kisiki talaash puri ho jaye "

-Anshuman Biswal

Ansuman Biswal was 16 years old when he founded the Odisha based NGO, “Zindegi” to fulfill his purpose in life. He started “Zindegi” to give voice to the voiceless as once upon a time he found himself mute and no one to turn to.

Now 24, Ansuman is pursuing Bachelor’s in law at Madhusdhan Law University, Cuttack. He has also acquired B.Sc. in applied geography, a diploma in United Nations and International Understanding and a course in human rights and climate change. It seems like Ansuman excels in everything he aims for.

He has been successful in organizing Hunger mitigation programs, Blood Donation and health check-up camps. His work also tends towards social issues regarding children and women empowerment. Every day near about 20 people receive aid from his NGO. They have been saving lives by providing rarest of blood group units to the necessitous. Ansuman personally has donated blood about 2o times, making him a devoted donor.

Of course solely devoting to the cause of helping the needy without having proper financial aid could be crippling at times and Ansuman acknowledges it. Back in 2012-13, he used to skip his food and use the money that he saved for social welfare. It was difficult for him but he managed. The cycle of receiving and never spending still continues as Ansuman donates every dime he gets for the noble cause of helping the people. He believes that these small sacrifices won’t cost him much but it would mean so much to the people who really need it. He says, it won't make much difference if he skips a meal or doesn't celebrate a festival with materialistic comforts or shops for new clothes, however that'll definitely make a lot of difference to the one who are hungry for days or need books and stationeries for education or is bare bodied and need clothes to wear.

Eventually he stopped celebrating festivals with his family and started celebrating with everyone in need, giving a smile to their faces and hence successfully encompassing the Sanskrit phrase “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”.

When questioned about his driving force he answered,” Just like a draught struck land receives heavy rainfall, the Smile, Relief & Satisfaction that you get to see on the face of the one receiving the help or assistance is the invisible fuel that keeps me going & increases the appetite to do more for someone and revive them of their pain.”

If this quote isn’t something you would find straight out of inspirational book, then I don’t know what is. At a young age of 16, Ayushman has proved to be prodigal and precocious. He has been reaching new heights with each passing years and there seems to be no stopping.

To a spirited soul like Ansuman who has devoted his entire life to the humble cause serving the needy, we salute you.


Story By: Ankita Mohanty

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