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Lead Kindness Hero Arun M from Coimbatore

"Kindness is an act of gratitude with no expectations". The world on one hand is battling the virus crisis, on the other hand for kindness.

Amidst all these chaos, there are people who prove that kindness is not just an act but that's what makes the world go round. As the Prime Minister of India announces to contribute donations towards Covid-'19 relief, thousands of money has been transferred. Kindness can never be measured. It is kindness that makes one do the utmost contribution they can.

Ratan Tata has contributed Rs. 500 crores whereas all the Indian army staff have contributed a day's salary to the relief fund. Kindness makes the difference. The celebrity couple Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma have pledged to contribute funds.

Mr.Arun, from Coimbatore is an inspired social worker and has contributed a lot of kindness to this world since then he was a student of the department of social work, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. The whole world locked down and quarantined with fear and that's when this pure soul put on an armor and started his work.

While the contagion being severe and the threat still outrageous, the government rules have not completely cut down his wings. He still contributes the best that he can. "Nilavembu Kashayam '' is a drink which is made out of Nilavembu, commonly known as creat, has been proven to boost the immunity of people. He tirelessly puts effort on preparing and distributing them to people in Kembanur village, Coimbatore.

Measures have been taken to stitch masks and distribute them to the people. He has also arranged for spraying disinfectants in the streets which he'd implement sooner. "Home quarantined people also need attention and assistance" says Mr. Arun and he has further plans in assisting them personally with whatever help he can. Mr. Arun being a delegate of the world health organization at Asia youth international MUN, he has proposed the concept of biodynamic agriculture in Germany. He has done many motivational programmes in many institutions. He also preached about terrace gardening and tree plantation.

He thinks, Kindness is required to humans as they require oxygen and he always keeps one step ahead in the art of spreading kindness, however worst the situation may be! Even a small contribution can make a lot of change when a small act of kindness can change the world. You don't need a great team to do an act of kindness. Despite the fact that unity is strength, there are people who desire to make change and spread kindness, they ultimately make their own team and successfully answer their soul's philanthropic quest.

Our Salute to Lead Kindness Hero Arun M

Story by: Gayathri Krithika

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