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Lead Kindness Hero Catering Owners Association Of Coimbatore

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The catering owners association of Coimbatore takes pride in serving around 4000 people everyday. The needy people like the deprived ones, homeless and orphans are the ones being served.

125 members of this association spend their own money generously, to feed the needy. They started their service when they found that this lock down has worsened the lives of the needy, sick and those people who are refugees of the streets and those who don't have basic necessities like food, water and shelter.

The organization Head, Mr. Nagaraj has stated that their service will last until the dispute is settled completely. They've named this campaign "Eedhal", meaning 'The Art of Giving'. They serve food for at least 4000 people every day. The food is prepared and served hygienically, following the government food standards. The food is prepared in a large hall near Ramnagar and Ramarkoil in Coimbatore.

They serve food in the afternoon for around 2000 people and supper for another 200 people. They serve people at many places around Coimbatore like Sivanandha colony, Saibaba Colony, Sanganur, Vellankinaru,Ganapathy,Kamarajapuram, Government hospital and railway station. Their generous hearts have made those thousands of needy souls survive.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Catering Owners Association Of Coimbatore

Story by : Gayathri Krithika

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