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Lead Kindness Hero - Gangadhara Tilak Katnam Founder and Chairman Shramadaan Foundation

He Started SHRAMADAAN by filling pothole from Jan 2010 and so far filled 1351 potholes on Hyderabad roads also cleared rain water / drain stagnated water at 30 locations . He converted his car as POTHOLE AMBULANCE. For two and half years He did this alone but then he started posting his activities on Facebook , many people from all categories came forward and participated.

He Witnessed few accidents caused due to potholes . Felt very pained and shocking by seeing the bleeding bodies and broken parts of bodies and in some of the cases the people losing the lives . Thus , decided to start SHRAMADAAN.

In the beginning his wife and son were not happy as He was doing dirty work in the hot sun neglecting his health . Now all family members participate in Shramadaan and his WIFE IS A REGULAR AND PERMANENT VOLUNTEER .

He thinks Latest technology , science and higher education has to be utilised along with humanity to get the fruitful results in helping the needy and to make our country more prosperous and stronger in the world.

Gangadhara Tilak Katnam - Founder and chairman - Shramadaan Foundation

He is a Retired Railway Engineer , aged 70 years filling potholes on Hyderabad roads by spending pension money to prevent accidents .

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