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Lead Kindness Hero - Hitesh Pandya Program Director Chaitanya Charitable Trust

Hitesh Pandya - Program Director - Chaitanya Charitable Trust

Both husband and wife Hitesh and Kajal Pandya are law and commerce graduate and Masters in Socialwork

Chaitanya Charitable Trust is one of the small group and work for underprivileged children, they provide education, nutritional food and work for surrounding development in different slums of Jamnagar. They even work for rag pickers, child labor, baggers, HIV, out of school and struggling in government school children, and providing quality education with Fun concept also they work for underprivileged women. After death of Hitesh’s elder brother in Car accident , he diversified his life and focused on underprivileged community.He was able to build a canal for better drainage and hygiene system with the help of the community. After 25 months of continuous demand commissioner passed 55 lakhs to build a 800 meter long canal, and the ultimately we solve the problem and now people are very safe, healthy and happy. Message to youth is to spare their skills and expertise as a volunteer to support such small organization.

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