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Lead Kindness Hero Kaira Foundation

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” – Henry James

Looking back, you realize that nothing in this world comes free. We live in a world where every gesture has a double meaning and every selfless act of kindness is immensely doubted and probably for a good measure.

It’s been a month writing about lead kindness stories and I have come to realise that kind people do exist in world. Every story has managed to leave me speechless for the very idea of someone devoting to the selfless cause of helping the people in need is something very foreign to me, especially in an objective driven world.

This time I came across Kaira Foundation based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It’s a Non-Profit organisation that has taken the task of driving away hunger especially in their region. They believe it’s their duty and responsibility towards society to help the forlorn and needy.

They have managed to successfully host and 30-days feeding drive to daily wage labourers, beggars and slum dwellers where they distribute food packages and ration kits. On April 17 2020, Kaira Foundation had managed to distribute ready-to-eat food packages to 1050 people who were left stranded on the streets giving us a rough estimate that they have managed to serve at least 30 thousand families within a month.

In a recent instagram caption they have mentioned that, “These are times that have shown humanity the necessity of moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle” adding that, “Every person is a soldier in the battle and also leading the battle”.

Kaira Foundation is a perfect example of changing times, where kindness is the greatest attribute one can posses and is not laced with malice.

We Salute Our Lead Kindness Hero Kaira Foundation

Story By: Ankita Mohanty

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