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Lead Kindness Hero Karthik and Vasanth

Service that goes hand in hand

Mr. Karthik and Mr. Vasanth together serve people who live in the streets of Trichy. Those people are the deprived and homeless. They've found that many of those people who stay in the streets aren't poor but they are those who are unable to return to their hometown as they come from other states of the nation to Trichy to do some contact based works.

For the past eight days, since when the lockdown has been announced the duo has made out their possible ways to help those who are in need. They've been providing lunch for around 500 people everyday and for breakfast they afford possible fruits and vegetables. They've so far provided them with bananas, oranges and cucumbers. They're so kind by heart that they don't only feed the humans but also the stray dogs that live by the streets. They've been fed with biscuits and bread.

The duo have planned to buy groceries with proper permission from the government and with their support they've planned to distribute them for free to those daily wagers who are greatly affected because of this lockdown. They've planned to provide nearly 100 homes that are in the surroundings.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Karthik and Vasanth

Stroy By : Gayathri Krithika

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