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Lead Kindness Heroes from Aquinas College and SIENA College


Kochi, popularly known as the Queen of Arabian sea, and flaunting one of the biggest contemporary arts festival in Asia, ‘KOCHI BIENNALE’, in the district of Ernakulam , Kerala, it seems it is not simply limited to its infrastructural and natural beauty, but also its audience, art lovers, its people. The basic element of any Country, state, or city are its people. Without the people, it has no character or life in the city. The secret ingredient of any place is its people, it is developed by them, cultivated by them and there is no better place than Kochi that defines its beauty through its people.

Aquinas College and SIENA college in Edakochi one of the oldest towns in Kochi seems to be no less in completely defining the beauty of Kochi. These two colleges, have been actively participating in, contributing towards the fight against COVID-19. They have been taking up medical emergency cases in town that requires much attention in the wake of lockdown. A number of students, regardless of their health, have been taking part in this initiative, by donating their blood for the emergency medical situations that arise. They are in constant contact with the IMA (Indian Medical Association) blood banks situated in the city for immediate help. “With the help of Sajiettan, we have also been able to reach out to the less privileged to get them the basic food necessities, such as rice, pulses, grains, in the wake of lockdown” said Nihas, a final year Bcom student from Aquinas college cum an active sports person. Saji E. M, a police officer from the city, lead these groups for access to different houses in the city.

Social welfare activities are happening often in these colleges. They have been collecting stationary things such as, pencil, pen, books, etc., from the students in college to get it to the children in the orphanage “Snehabhavan” in Edakochi. It started off with a collection of clothes, and then stationary and now they have also started providing food for children in ‘Snehabhavan’, on a monthly basis at least. Nihas says that he is proud to be studying in a college like Aquinas, as the college being often involved in welfare activities, has inculcated a habit in every student and made them selfless and a better living being on this planet.

We need more institutions like Aquinas and SIENA college in this world, that not only teaches the students about science and social science, but also how to be a responsible and better citizen as well. These halls of ivy are an inspiration for everyone.

We salute our Lead Kindness Heroes from Aquinas College and SIENA College

Story By : Lakshmi Muralidharan

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