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Lead Kindness heroes of IOCL Township Paradip Refinery

A group of 5 people took a lead to help the helpless in the hour of need along with their jobs.We know that India’s step towards a complete lockdown since 25th March 2020 acted as a great initiative against the spread of the deadly virus COVID 19 but simultaneously payed way for a number of difficulties that the people in their everyday life.

It all started when they heard about lockdown in India leading to difficultly faced by truck drivers in Paradip .One of the lead members of the group told me that the truck drivers are stuck in Paradip and are unable to return to their home.In addition to that the hotels and restaurants are all closed making it hard for them to find food and essentials.Seeing the situation and the need for someone to step up,they immediately decided to work towards it by forming a whats app group and encouraging people to work for COVID 19 relief services specially for the truck drivers and the nearby helpless and poor people.

They are a group of 150 people(employees of IOCL & their families) who have volunteered to provide food twice a day once in the afternoon and once in the evening for these people.All the volunteers are asked to cook some extra food sufficient enough for 2-3 for people along with their usual meals.The group not only provides food but essentials like soap,drinking water,masks,medicines if someone is sick etc.In addition to that they keep on surveying them,being in contact with them to know about their requirements simultaneously counselling them regarding the basics of hygiene and precautions to be taken.

This group of 5 people work hard to plan,coordinate and then distribute the food to the truck drivers and needy people nearby out of kindness and humanity.Since 26th March 2020 they have been providing these services and are determined to continue them not only till the lockdown is over but till these people require them.

We salute our Lead Kindness heroes of IOCL Township Paradip Refinery

Story By : Aprajita Singhal

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