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Lead Kindness Heroes Shruti Sharma, Anupam Mehta, and Keshav Agarwal


Everyone’s caged in their own space that, they forget to bother about their co-mates, making them inconsiderate. They let only a specific number of people into their cage. They speak to them, has emotions for them, but are least bothered about what’s happening outside the cage. It is like you are being prisoned for eternity. If you need bail, you need to work for it. Not from inside the prison but outside, like lawyers. It is when you actually work with people outside, you get a bail from your prison.

Even at the wake of this pandemic, there are many people out there who has widened their graciousness to embrace all living creatures at this point of time. Kudos to them, because there are still a certain number of people, who can actually work for their co-mates but chose to stay and conserve their personal desires. Hence, I think stories feed to human’s brain better and efficiently, making it effective for them to act responsible at this point of time.

“I have always felt very satisfied by doing so”, Shruti said. Shruti Sharma is a creative editor at HCL, has been an animal lover since a very long time and have always made time to do some sort of social work even in her busy schedule. Sruthi has been feeding dogs, puppies and cows near her area and also at her workplace, near sector 26,Noida since a very long time. As her place is much more of a residential area, she realized, in the wake of the lockdown, that there must be many more stray dogs in the outer skirts of the city and thought she needed to cover them as well. She started from sector 27, to a much more abandoned, stranded areas where there were no residential existence along with her friends, Keshav Agarwal and Anupam Mehta. They carried, food, disposable containers, in which they could fill up water as it was really sunny and hot during the day time as the scrotching heat could dehydrate the dogs, carried small buckets in which she could get the food and serve them better and also had to take care that the dogs didn’t end up fighting for the food. They covered almost many of the isolated areas in sector, 31, 35,37, including many of the locked up construction sites and also at the Noida Stadium. It was hard to find many of the dogs, as they would be hiding under vehicles or shelters due to the heat. She had to even witness dogs whose ribcages were visible through its skin, that skinny. She wondered for how long they would have been starving. They couldn’t bear the sight of these dogs that, no matter how busy they get with work, they make it up to the places. “I’ve even had to do my office conference meeting in between feeding them” she laughed as she said this. “I always woke up the next morning as excited as I was before and ever, to meet and feed those little ones, because regardless of the wealth, family and shelter I have got, I find much pleasure and happiness in feeding them, that is the last thing I would ever want to miss in a day.” She always wanted to ensure that she was able to do a tad bit of her contribution in making this world a better place.

Out of 50 people in this planet, I guess there will be only 10 or maybe just 5 who thinks like Sruthi does. Me being more of an animal lover myself, after meeting Sruthi, I guess I am not that big as an animal lover, now. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced for the lockdown, I am sure all of us were worried about the food supplies rather than the idea of stray dogs starving, as it wouldn’t have even crossed through many of our minds. But I am sure there is a Sruthi everywhere, who has an eye on the stranded one’s and to make them feel like they are one amongst us.

We Salute Our Lead Kindness Heroes Shruti Sharma, Anupam Mehta, and Keshav Agarwal

Story By : Lakshmi Muralidharan

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