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Love is kind

Once there was a boy called Raman he loved a girl whose name was shree . Raman was a simple studious young boy he was not stylish. Shree was a smart confident and beautiful girl. Raman proposed shree but shree refused as she said she already shared a relationship with Arun.

Arun was stylish smart boy but was not much into studies. He was often considered flirtatious and cool. Time went on and slowly and gradually Arun's interest in Shree started vanishing . Soon the relationship ended and Shree went into depression. She was sad and often stressed. When Raman came to know about Shree he was tensed about as he loved her truly unlike Arun who just kept Shree as an option. He got in touch with Shree but shree often refused his friendship offers. Once she asked Raman even when he knew everything why he was trying to be with Shree. Raman replied that he loved her and had waited for her and it doesn't matter what her past was. Shree was very happy to hear it and readily accepted Raman's love and they lived happily ever after.

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