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Disease sees no religion, gender, caste, creed and/or socio-economic background. Recovery, although catalyzed due to advantages such as wealth, does not take place any faster because of specific religion identifications, race, ethnicity. In such troubling times, we have seen people unite on the most grassroot level while on a global level countries are working together to find an end to this pandemic.

Over the last few days, the news is full of cases of religious intolerance and pure hatred which not only makes India as a country seem more divided than ever, it also deflects from the larger issue of millions dying regardless of where they pray, how they pray and what religion they associate with. Due to the fear of this virus and the blatant demonization of muslims, there has been an increase in violent acts committed against muslim which range from being beaten for donating food to nealry being lynched.

In light of the recent spate of hatred, fake news and bigotry- here are some muslims who have done amazing things during this lockdown and have impacted the lives of many in beautiful ways.

Afzal Jiva from Mumbai has started serving tea and snacks to guards in his locality, Khalida Begum from Jammu and Kashmir donated 5 lakh rupees to a local community aid. This was the money she saved up for the Hajj pilgrimage. Abdul Khader has taken over a hundred migrant workers under his wing and now provides for their housing and meals. Hundreds of delivery boys, small business owners, healthcare workers, essential workers, police practise Ismal and are everyday doing the jobs that keep us safe and put them at risk. Hundreds are donating, serving and helping those who need help now more than ever.

In times of desperation and fear, pointing fingers at others is easy. Trump did this by calling COVID-19 the “chinese virus”, people do it by blaming students who have come back from their schools internationally and citizens blame their government for lax behaviour. We are all entitled to an opinion but hate should have no place in our hearts when the world is in the most literal sense ending as we know it. Thousands are dying regardless of their religion, millions are suffering and hundreds are putting their life on the line so please respect if not accept everybody regardless of one sided ideologies.

By:Arya Kamble

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