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Panchkula Police surprises Karan on his Birthday..

Police officers who are not even getting enough time to have their meal peacefully are putting all their efforts to protect us. We relate to you the story of the viral video of Sh. Karan puri, a senior citizen in Panchkula , Haryana  who celebrated his b'day with Panchkula police.

Karan 's  kids were not with him that day. In the afternoon, some police officers knocked at his door. He thought they were there to get some general information. When he reached the door, he was taken back when the police officers started wishing him for the birthday. He got emotional and was also amused as to how do they know it's his birthday. He said" he is living alone here " ..To this police said We are here for you sir. We are also your family. 

Later, officers offered him a birthday cap and Karan cut the chocolate cake brought by the officers. Karan thanked all of them with watery eyes. 

Such gestures by the police in this time of crisis does bring a smile on the face and fills every person with positivity who gets to know about these instances.

By -Mayank Gupta

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