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Share a little, Care a little.

It is basic human nature to seek comfort with those we keep close to the heart during troubling times, especially as the world is shutting down due to a ravaging virus that has killed thousands and affects millions. As COVID-19 threatens the safety of millions; schools, restaurants, and workplaces have all moved online or closed their doors until further notice from the government.

Students who study internationally have all come back home and those working in different cities domestically have scurried back to their hometowns. In a nutshell, the world is running home because that is what one needs at the end of the day, safety, security, food, family, and comfort.

The one group of people that have not been able to go back to the comfort of their homes and loved ones are the migrant workers stuck in different cities. These workers make minimum wage, majority time have housing provided by their bosses and depend on their daily earnings for their expenses. As they have been displaced, they have faced not only hunger, lack of housing while some report being laid off.

At a time like this, people have stepped up to feed the migrant workers that are stranded and displaced. In Hyderabad, K Venkata Murali is serving 5,000 meals daily to workers through his NGO, No food waste. K Venkata spoke of how the workers teared up while talking and spoke of how they can not find a single meal a day sometimes. The NGO is also working to deliver essentials for free to senior citizens and are currently in the process of making food packets with dry ingredients.

At a time like this we should do anything and everything we can do to come together as a united front. Small acts of kindness can not only make someone's day but at a time like this, can help save a life.

Written by:Arya Kamble

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