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Updated: May 19, 2020

Kindness begins from home.

We get our habits either from our homes or schools. But the very first school is our home and the first teacher is our mother. It is the mother only who teaches her child the act of kindness. Divya from Delhi has attained a beautiful quality of being kind. She studies in class 10th. She saw her maid's son working at the nearby tea stall. The other day she asked her maid about this. She told her the whole story. They were not able to submit his tuition fees. So, he was thrown out of the tuition. He loves to study, this is the reason he is working at the tea stall to earn and submit the fees and rejoin the tuition. Divya felt bad for her maid's son. She promised her that she is going to teach her son for free, no need for the tuition. But the only condition is he will not work anywhere as labour.

Her maid was very happy after listening this. She got in tears and thanked Divya. She told Divya's mother that she is very lucky to have a daughter like her. Her mother was very proud of her. And so we are. This shows that the upcoming youth is our bright future.

BY:- Shruti

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