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Help Age India providing relief to Seniors for three decades

You probably have seen the plight of senior citizens of Italy in this pandemic. The fear of contagious virus has led many people to abandon their old age parents. The situation is not confined to one country only. There is around 106 million elderly in India. Help age India is providing them free healthcare services to destitute elders, helps elders earn their livelihood through the formation of Elder-Self-Help Groups making self-reliant, looks after their basic needs through its Support-a-Gran program, runs Elder Helplines across the country, provides relief & rehabilitation for elders post disasters and provides active-aging opportunities.   Even before the implementation of lock-down, the organization was spreading awareness about COVID-19 to elders, homeless, and migrant workers. Help Age has a toll free Elder Helpline (1800-180-1253) through which this outreach is being done in 24 states. They are providing Free Meals for Survival to the homeless, elders, and migrant daily wage laborers. More than 1,00,000 of these meals have been distributed. Furthermore, Family Survival Kits – which include basic ration like Rice, Wheat, Spices, cooking oil, etc. along with Protective Hygiene Kits for elders & their family, to fight COVID 19 which include Sanitizers, Mask, Tissues, Hand wash , etc. are also being distributed. Help Age India was set up in 1978 with Cecil Jackson Cole, founder of Help Age International (UK), as its first President.  Help Age advocates for the seneare citizen's needs such as for Universal Pension, quality healthcare, action against Elder Abuse with Central and State governments, and Senior Citizens Associations as well.

BY: - Leadkindness


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