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Helping a young lady to reach home

It was a late night I went to bring some emergency medicines to my father. As the medical shop is at a walkable distance I went to the shop by walk. I went to the shop and purchased the required medicines, on the way back to my house I saw a young lady waiting for some public transport as it was a late night there is no transport available to her. I observed her, that she called to her friend to come and pick up but her friend was not available to receive her call. Then I went to her and asked her whether I could help her but she didn’t believed me and she said that she was waiting for a public transport, then I said to her that the public transport is not available at that time. So at least she has no option except to believe me, she was so afraid to go to her home alone because of the recent issues that are going in India. I understood her and went along with her to her home she felt so secured and happy as soon as she reached her home and thanked me for being with her.

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