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Take the time to change your life!

In the midst of all this negativity, this pandemic has shown us all how the world can change in just a few months. The larger narrative we all see is that the world we live in is just as is and all one can do is make the best of the situation. I present to you the possibility of changing that narrative by making significant lifestyle changes to live your best life.

Now that we are all stuck in our homes, we can try to work on ourselves, our surroundings and our current situations. I understand that some things are beyond one's control and not everyone has the resources or facilities to make drastic lifestyle changes but the idea I’m proposing here is to make small, do-able changes that make a larger impact over time.

For instance, one can start out by working out for fifteen minutes every day which promotes a healthy lifestyle and can overtime be increased to higher duration and intensity. One can learn different dishes to cook every day or one can invest a few half hours in a hobby or learn something new with online resources or the help of people. A personal favourite is the idea of a vision board where one can make a list of things they would like to achieve at their own pace to live their best life. This can be a simple piece of paper with a set of goals or a whole imageboard with inspirational images, quotes and writing: anything that works best for you.

Essentially, the goal here is to envision a future, no matter how old you are or how unique it may be, and to work incredibly hard for that future with everyday effort and lifestyle changes. As we are all home, we should all take the time to self reflect, think and put in work into growing as people. One also has to recognise that this can be as simple as getting out of bed or maybe starting a project as long as there is an active effort in working on some aspect of your life!


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