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Keep safe, keep your community safe!

Even though we are all home and quarantined from the outside world, we are all still exposed to the virus in some way or another. This ranges from touching contaminated surfaces when collecting vegetables, supplies or other essentials ordered when coming in contact with the few people who go outside or doing something as simple as walking in the close proximity of someone who is showing the symptoms of coughing with a fever or breathlessness. While the same can be said from someone who is asymptomatic, one can only exercise caution.

Here are a few things one can do to keep on the safe side because it truly is better to be safe than sorry!

● Stock up on a whole load of vitamins and supplements that generally boost your immunity.

● Eat healthy foods, a pandemic should not be the reason for a healthy diet!

● Wash your vegetables and other products when you buy them and dry them off in the sun for a couple of hours.

● Try to stay at home as much as possible!

● Wipe down the packages ordered online when they get delivered.

● Even when going out on a walk or doing basic activities outside, try to keep a mask and

gloves on.

● Keep minimal contact with people and maintain six feet of distance.

● Try to get packages delivered at your doorstep but keep that to a minimum as well.

● Things like vitamin C are great to boost your immunity.

Having said the above, do try to keep essential workers at rest as they are exposing themselves to risk so that mine and your needs are met, try ordering things only when essential and asking essential workers to complete tasks for you only when really needed.


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