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Adopt don’t shop!

Ever since there has been news that animals can have the coronavirus, people have been leaving their pets out onto the streets to fend for themselves. Pets who once belonged to the family have now been abandoned which has caused a rise in stray dogs and cats.

The stark opposite is happening in The United States of America where people have been fostering animals from shelters with the hopes that these animals will be adopted after this virus is under control. Some shelters have even said that they have no animals with them as of right now as they have all been either adopted or taken in to be fostered....

I present to you that if one can, they should think about fostering pets during this lockdown to keep the animals safe, shelters running, yourselves entertained and to find a small creature to love you unconditionally. If you can’t adopt a pet long term, maybe foster a pet and help the animal become a well behaved good girl/boy and then find a forever home for them and still get endless cuddles.

These animals want nothing in return but your love and will literally live their whole life giving you love because you’re all that matters to them so if you can, help out shelter and save an animal who has gone through unimaginable things. Buying pets support breeders who sometimes abuse their pets, ignores the millions of animals who need a home and animals who are purebred have health issues that can be avoided by stopping over breeding.


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