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Salute those who’ve stepped up!

Essential workers are taking on for the team and putting themselves and their families at risk. They are working in hospitals, delivering packages, working in stores and doing other tasks that are keeping us sane during this pandemic.

Stories have emerged of police brutality, people being downright mean and abuse that these works have been going through just because they HAVE to come into work. Nurses and Doctors have been thrown out of their homes, stoned and discriminated against even though they are working tirelessly to save lives. Workers and security guards who are coming into work even today and do the small tasks we refuse to do are putting their life on the line for our convenience. Store workers are still helping run markets and smaller business wonders are all still working to not only keep themselves afloat but also us.

In such times please exercise caution for your sake and theirs as they really are doing their part so put on a mask, make sure you do not hoard supplies as stocking up on supplies does nothing but make things harder for other peoples, use gloves and clean up after yourselves just to make sure you keep safe !

In times like this, please consider other people and their health as the only way to salute those who’ve stepped up at such hard times!


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