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How can you make a difference from the comfort of your own home!

Whether you believe in Karma, the act of giving or to simply be kind to those around you- one can always find ways to give back to their community even in such trying times. There are a whole bunch of ways you can do to support those in need.

- Donate food to organizations that will feed the poor.

- If you would rather make food and give it to people in need then follow the example of a

community in Mumbai who left food, plates and water outside for those who still come in to

work and disposed of after.

- Donate old clothing after disinfecting the same.

- Donate money.

- If you have house help or drivers, please do not cut their salary for not coming to work right

now or pay them a decent amount to keep their household running.

- Donate to organizations and verified NGOs.

- Stay at home and encourage for the same.

By: - ARYA

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