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Inspiration For many: Akhila B S victory over adversity

Hailing From Thiruvananthapuram, this is a story of 29 year old Akhila who

became an IAS officer and also pursued MA from IIT Madras. Akhila succeeded

in her third attempt in 2023 and started her journey as an IAS. This was absolutely

not easy for Akhila to accomplish such a big feat.Back in 2000, Akhila was in a

bus accident at the young age of five where she tragically lost her right arm. After

this tragic accident, Akhila faced this adversity head on. Despite medical

consultation in Germany, her arm did not recover fully. Undeterred, she learned to

do her daily tasks with her left arm and also mastered writing from her non-

dominant hand.

It was a huge task of clearing UPSC but Akhila was determined to do her best and

give all she had to clear UPSC she attempted UPSC examination thrice in 2019,

2021 and 2022 and secured 760th rank in the examination. Her grit to attain her

goal, coupled with unwavering family support lead her to success. Her journey is

like a lighting lamp on a dark alley. She is an eminent personality who has

established herself as an inspiration for others to acquire their goals in life.

Akhila shared that she was fascinated by the idea of service and thus started her

preparation right after graduation. Though she cleared her prelims in her first two

attempts, the mains were more challenging as she had to write long answers which

was quite exhausting and challenging for her. Determined and resilient, Akhila

continued her preparation and finally aced mains, securing a well-deserved spot on

the coveted list.Akhila proved the quote one hundred percent correct that “One can

have everything if is ready to give up the belief that one can have it.”


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