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Lead Kindness Hero DEEPA MALIK

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Deepa Malik is an athlete, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an inspiration to many. She is half paralysed and yet loves swimming, biking, car driving, etc. She has won an award in Paralympic games and was honoured with the Arjuna award. She has won several medals for India at age of 42.

She has never stopped believing in herself sympathised herself despite of spending 17 years on a wheelchair. She has two daughters, Devika and Ambika. Devika is also associated with Wheeling Happiness Foundation for physically and emotionally challenged people.

Deepa Malik loves writing poetry in her free time. People maybe judgemental to think of her as a victim of circumstances but she is courageous and has overcome all the obstacles to live a happy, carefree life with positivity. She lead kindness by taking part in Paralympics and motivating people, that regardless of your circumstances you can achieve anything.

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