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The world is shook with the appearance of COVID-19, the loss of life is rising day by day in each nation. Individuals are battling for their lives and for their livelihood also of their fellow beings. Mankind has been taking its lead job in each nation. We have a great team of specialists, medical attendants, social activists who have jeopardized their lives to this reason, not out of commitment however love.

One such gathering of youths from Kerala, from a humble community in Thrissur, S N Park, has taken up their job in battling this pandemic. Evidently they have been giving solid nourishment to healthcare workers who work for the same reason. They began working from 10th of April, 2020 by giving lunch, snacks, water and any refreshments as they needed to ensure that nobody was abandoned in being benefited with the necessities like each other occupant.

They were joined by non-party individuals to simply concentrate on social activism. This is how they demonstrated their appreciation speaking to everybody towards the health care workers for aiding during this pandemic. With several issues being tended to during this pandemic, the non- accessibility of nourishment for the health care workers appear to be of most importance, yet with this daring demonstration by the individuals from S N Park unit, it has shape d to move the issue.

We should be glad for the youths of this age, which is our tomorrow for partaking in this immense emergency for the sake of others.

We salute lead kindness hero S N PARK,THRISSUR

Written by:Gayathri Raj

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