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Mr. Sreekumar Palzhy is a reputed teacher hailing from Kodakara, Kerala and he has taken activities to disseminate fundamental arrangements for some vulnerable families.

He's serving those individuals don't get the fundamental amenities with the general public and because of this lockdown they're not able to get the fundamental arrangements to fullfill nourishment needs and they’re helpless. The delegates of his networks come and gather the packs. He's serving the individuals close to his town where they live with their families.

He's supplyings rice, daal and oil and circulates them. Individuals who know him and the individuals who are happy to help are additionally adding to him with things, staple goods, vegetables and furthermore even cash. Those individuals who need their help reach him by contacting directly, he'd serve them with their prerequisites or people lets him know. In between all the struggles we see, struggle to get fed is the hardest of all times and due to lockdown people find it more difficult. Salute to heroes like him.

We salute our Lead Kindness Heroes SREEKUMAR PALZHY,KODAKARA

Story By: Gayathri Raj

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