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Lead Kindness Heroes Aljo Chandy, Jerin joy, Lipish Chirayath and Dinto Manjaly from Youth care

In the cultural capital of kerala, Thrissur, the death toll rates compared to the other districts in kerala is the least and have you wondered why? People being the secret ingredient of any place, Thrissur also has a massive proud population. It is a heaven of people who works for anyone or anything no matter what the crisis is, be it the 2019 flood or a normal day, they would always stand by for their people and district.

‘Youth care’, an initiative of the people of the Ollur legislative assembly, has being sanitizing the ATM’s, grocery stores and, ration shops in the town to keep the residents safe and healthy. They have also been helping out by providing grocery items and vegetables required to houses that are in need of assistance at this time of crisis. If we go on about people who are helping each other in this country, that would be sky high. They are in for this war, today with all their spirits high to be for each other regardless their differences.

Youth care is led by a group of youngsters Aljo Chandy, Jerin joy, Lipish Chirayath and Dinto Manjaly. They are just the ones who led this initiative, but there are many others who are working behind the scenes for this initiative day and night, ensuring their residents welfare.

What do you want apart from this as a source of encouragement during this pandemic, to fight this? We have a number of people out there, serving their people in the best way possible and fighting this contagion like warriors. A nation’s biggest weapon is its people and their togetherness, nothing can ever put them down in any crisis, if they have got it. I am proudly an Indian, who has also been working during this pandemic sharing stories of heroes to the audience, to enlighten them and ensure them that they are in safe hands and without their knowledge there are people who are actually working to ensure their security during this hour of need.


Story By: Lakshmi Muralidharan

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