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Leave a simple note of encouragement on a random car in a parking lot

There was this lean bald guy in my office with a very uncanny habit of indulging in fights with anyone who tried to approach him. He used to always park his car in a very wrong manner, maybe just trying to be comfortable in his own ways. Nevertheless, his work was always very organized and systematic. I wondered why he didn’t gel much with people around him. One day I faced a lot of problem while I was parking my own car because his small hatchback was occupying the space of a sedan and I was unable to park my car. After investing much time in car parking I somehow managed. But now I too was infuriated. In a calm mannerism of approach I took a page from my writing pad and wrote –

“ Dear Mr. Wilson,

I appreciate your sense of work. Your capability to do work is inspiring and commendable. I would be obliged if you could just a little bit adjust your car too. I experienced a lot of trouble parking my car today. I would be more than glad. Rather all of us would be.

Thank you ,

Ms. Archer. “


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