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Roti Bank feeding thousands in Lock-down

Mumbai roti bank, a non-profit and food rescue organization founded by former Director General of Police ( DGP ) of Maharashtra D Sivanandan, Mumbai in January 2018 is feeding 30,000 mouths every day in slums from Colaba to Mira. The NGO has tied up with the Mumbai Police to ensure that the city’s daily wage-earners and the poor living in areas like Dharavi, a containment zone, do not go without food.

The NGO distributes food to almost 5000 people every day through the roti bank vans. It has  10 vans in Mumbai and one in Nagpur to deliver food to different locations. The police force also helped the organization In the distribution of food to the underprivileged people.

In an interview with the Mumbai Mirror,  Sivanandan said  “The coronavirus has triggered people’s generosity like never before,” "Numerous organizations and individuals are contributing both with ingredients and money, and right now, I have an adequate supply for the next three months.”

By- Mayank Gupta

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