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Team of doctors offer medical consultaions over call.

Dr. Nagendra Sharma and DCP Priti Chandra of Jodhpur have stated a medical helpline number for the district citizen. It will help them consult doctors for general health-related problems in the lockdown. This would save them the trouble for regular OPD visits and social distancing would also be maintained. Dr. Sharma is a 65-year-old senior neurosurgeon is practicing in Jodhpur since 1984. He has 6 other senior doctors in his team. The team of a general surgeon, 2 physicians, an anesthesiologist,  a pulmonologist, and a gynecologist offers free of cost medical consultation. The cases are generally more psychological than serious physical problems Jodhpur police provided the sim cards for the doctors to make the calls. Also they helped in spreading the word about the initiative. They have provided details of the doctors through social media and through announcements while patrolling. They have tied up with 30 chemsits to deliver medicines at the doorsteps. By- Mayank Gupta Source - HT

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