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Clearing traffic for some good cause

I was on the way to my home after working at the office. At the traffic signal there was a huge traffic jam, as people around me are talking about the reason for traffic jam is a quallis car gave a hit to the bumper of mahindra Renault car so the owners of the cars are quarreling among themselves. This caused the traffic jam. In the mean while an ambulance coming on that road got stuck-up in the traffic. It is very urgent for the ambulance to reach the hospital, otherwise the patient in the ambulance looses his life. At the same time a college bus came to that way. Some of the students in the bus understood the situation and came out of the bus, they went to those owners of the car and did a temporary compromise on that issue after seeing that me and some other people around me gave a way to the ambulance and I cleared some part of the traffic and lead the ambulance to get out from the traffic.

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