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A working mother doing her part in the covid fight

Mrs. Geeta Gupta, a 49-year old working mother in the initial lock-down was relaxing after getting a break from her school duty. Later, after the encouragement from her sister-in-law and seeing the plight of poor people around her residence she decided to produce face masks from the extra clothes she has in her home.

Geeta has done MA in B.Ed in 1994 from a UP college and joined a Government school as a primary class teacher in 2005. She has two children and a supporting husband in her family.

She has been making masks every day for a week now. Till now she has produced 50 masks. " In lock-down, my schools were closed down too. So I decided to make some masks after doing my household chores."

When asked how she decided to help others by masks she said" I saw some people distributed foods to the needy. I know knitting. So I thought I could help the needy by making face masks." She told us that her husband distributes these masks to the people whenever he goes out to buy the essential grocery.

By- Mayank Gupta

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