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“The good man is a friend of all living things”, Mahatma Gandhi

With the nation striving hard to keep this plague in control we can see hundreds of humans up in the frontlines, helping each other during this crisis. Humanity has took its best shape with this crisis. Not just humans, we have humans, who have been working for the well-being of dogs and other animals that are stranded in the city during this pandemic due to the lockdown without food and shelter to depend on.

This pandemic is not just about humans, but also the survival of animals and other living organisms in this planet. Just like us, even they are dependent on food, shelter, etc., for their survival. With the wake of lockdown, we all have access to food and other basic necessities with the help of the government. But what about these animals? They cannot even go and complain about it to anyone. And when, people come forward to help these poor little ones, they are real heroes.

One such group is the ‘HUMANS FOR ANIMALS, NOIDA’. They have been connecting people from all around Noida to help these animals, who have been stranded in the streets without food and shelter, through Whatsapp. At this point of time, the use of social media has become such an advantage. They keep updating about places that need attention, and also about each other’s activity on keeping up with the welfare of the animals. This is a way of boosting each other’s morale to do something for the world at this point of time.

They consist of employees, who has been on their ‘work at home’ with the wake of lockdown but despite their work, they still make time for providing the necessities required to these bums. Each of them spends around 1000 rupees/day to buy bread and milk for the animals.

They keep their vegetable peels and other organic wastes for these animal’s food requirements. With the help of the area police officers they are being enabled access to the sealed construction sites, where we can find a number of stranded animals hiding under buildings, etc., for shelter and shade from the scrotching heat. They also provide medical assistance to these animals suffering from maggots and parvo. Gets their C T Scan, and other requirements done and makes sure that these animals are healthy enough.

The dog shelter situated behind Amity University Noida, has employees working for the well being of these animals, and people from ‘ humans for animals’ also makes sure that these employees are being provided with healthy food and sanitation daily. It is not just during this crisis, but they have been working for animals all around, since a very long time. They even ensures justice for animals those who are been relocated to different states or places, due to complaints from some of the insensitive residents and also against non-violence towards animals.

Due to the lockdown, volunteers at the dog shelter has reduced, if any among you is a dedicated animal lover, please do make your contribution. This could be the best you could be doing during this pandemic in saving a life.

‘HUMANS FOR ANIMALS’, need recognition all over the world as these are the leaders who would promote humanity to make this world a better place. We need more of selfless human beings on this planet, who are ready to serve any one inspite of their cast, creed, religion and whatever. This is a big shout out to such groups who have been working under the shade for helping out living beings on this planet and thank you for enlightening the world with your compassion towards living beings.

Written By : Lakshmi Muralidharan

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