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The epitome of sacrifice and kindness in this time of global pandemic is the corona warriors. Doctors, healthcare workers, and police are working around the clock selflessly to keep us safe in this crisis. 

DCP Anand Kumar Mishra, from Chitrakoot, UP, working in Delhi Police is one such corona warrior. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer around a month ago but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, he didn't get time for the treatment. On Friday, he became very ill and was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini. Since all the travels have been completely stopped, even his family was unable to come to see him at the hospital. His wife Alok Dubey is a police officer in UP Police and is currently on duty in Mathura. 

He told a newspaper, 'The battle is still going on. With corona and with cancer too. I am not alone in this hospital. Blessings of the public are with me. In a few days, you will see me back on my duty. ' His operation has been successfull and his health is stable now. He will be back on duty within 2-3 weeks. He carried out all his duty even after being infected with such a severe disease. He also helped in providing food and other essentials to the public.

We salute the lead kindness hero Anand Kumar Form Chitrakoot

By- Mayank Gupta

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