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Lead Kindness Hero Asif Mohammed and a team of KSU


“For most people generosity consists only in giving and yet receiving is also an act of love, allowing someone else to make us happy will make them happy too”, Paulo Coelho

The world is shook with the arrival of COVID-19, the death toll is rising day by day in every country. People are fighting for their lives and for their fellow humans, keeping aside all the differences about them. Humanity has been taking its lead role in every country. We have thousands of doctors, nurses, social activists who have endangered their lives to this cause, not out of obligation but love.

One such group of youngsters from Kerala, from a small town in Thrissur, Kodungalloor, has taken up their role in fighting this pandemic. Apparently they have been providing healthy food to National permit lorry drivers who work for the same cause. Under the Kaipamangalam State Legislative Assembly, KSU members under the leadership of Asif Mohammed, President of KSU, Kaipamangalam unit, 21 years along with leaders Nizam, Swalih and Isahac Hussain, initiated the program “ NJANGAL UNDU KOODE “, which means “We are with you”.

“NJANGAL UNDU KOODE “ started working from 5th of April, 2020 by providing ‘POTHICHORU’ , which is a kerala meal wrapped in burned banana leaves to the National Permit lorry drivers and also to their fellow residents, as they wanted to make sure that no one was left behind in being availed with the necessities like every other resident. They would leave for Chanthapura junction where the police patrol takes place and when the National Permit lorry’s slow down for checking, they would hand over the meal to the drivers. They were accompanied by non-party members to merely focus on social activism. This is how they showed their gratitude representing everyone towards the lorry drivers for helping during this pandemic. Their initiative was celebrated in social media following posts on Instagram and Facebook.

With hundreds of problems being addressed during this pandemic, the non- availability of food for the National permit lorry drivers seem to be receiving no much attention, but with this brave act by the members of Kaipamangalam unit, it has shape shifted the problem.

We must be proud of the young generation, which is our tomorrow for taking part in this huge crisis nonetheless their health.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Asif Mohammed and a team of KSU

Story By: Lakshmi Muralidharan

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