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Lead Kindness Hero Dharamveer Chillar from Delhi

Motivation from within!

Mr. Dharamveer Chillar from Delhi is a businessman and he has decided to distribute everyday some essential commodities to those people who are staying in temporary tents in the public and those people are the ones who have come from other states

He has observed these people starving because of the lockdown and he has taken effort in providing them with some basic groceries. He observed that those people have worked for daily wages and now due to this lockdown they all have lost their job and unable to buy even the basic groceries for their food. Spending around 10-20 thousand everyday, he distributes everyday 10 kgs of wheat, 500 ml of cooking oil, three varieties of 1kg dall, water bottles and 1 kg rice. Those people live with their family and for their survival he has been serving these basic groceries to people around Bahadurgarh, NCR.

This is a self motivational initiative and he's serving these people out of his own interest, spending his very own money. "It goes down on a daily basis, until this lockdown stays" says Mr. Dharamveer Chillar.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Dharamveer Chillar from Delhi

Story By : Gayathri Krithika

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