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Lead Kindness Hero Gnanaraj from Tanjore

One who's there for the call

Mr. Gnanaraj is the nodal officer of Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu and he has taken initiatives to distribute basic provisions for some helpless families.

He's serving the gypsy and narikuravargal, those people do not gel with the society and due to this lockdown they're unable to get the basic provisions to make food and they've become helpless. The representatives of their communities come and collect the packs. He's serving the people near Trichy in villages like Devarayaneri and Pudhukudi, where the narikuravargal live with their families. He's packing rice, dall and oil and mobilizing to those places to distribute them. People who know him and those who are willing to help are also contributing to him with things, groceries, vegetables and also money. Those people who need their help post on social media or contact him personally, he'd serve them with their requirements

Story By : Gayathri Krithika

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