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Lead Kindness Hero LifeFoundation

If you look around, you would find innumerable deplorable things but amongst the thousand evils there persist a tiny attribute called kindness. It is the art of giving without asking for anything in return, the art of leaning towards the betterment of the society and the art that requires the utmost devotion.

“Through selfless service eternal peace is obtained”

-Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Practicing this endearing attribute, Life foundation-A nonprofit organisation from Sri Anandpur Sahib of Punjab- has been altering lives. The LifeFoundation consists of 12 core members who are willing to contribute their pocket money for the generous cause of helping the needy. Hailing from the most sacred place of sikkhism; the birth place of Khalsa panth, the organization aims to serve the society. The organization was founded in December 2018. The foundation came to life while drawing its inspiration from the Gurudwara and Langars.

The organization strives to work for the betterment of the weaker section of the society especially the migrants from UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. The organization is a collaborative effort made by a group of friends who have devoted their time to the selfless cause of helping others.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the group has come forward to sanitize the streets of Sri Anandpur as a precautionary measure. They even pleaded the masses to take the matters in their own hands and do their part to keep their locality clean and corona-free.

With sheer determination and immense support from the members, the organization has garnered a hefty sum of Rs 60,000. They have been actively handing out food parcels during the lockdown and have been serving the public as much as possible. So far LifeFoundation has managed to donate about 150 parcels to the necessitous.

Their members have been serving the people earnestly without a complaint. They are reaching out to people even with the dire situation of COVID-19 looming over their head.

To the heroes who don’t shy away from adverse situations, we salute you.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero LifeFoundation

Story By: Ankita Mohanty

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