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OY Welfare unit is a non-profit organisation in Irinjalakuda, Thrissur and they have managed to give week after week apportion to almost 150 groups of day by day compensation to daily wage labourers. They have teamed up with other nearby NGOs and Groups to recognize needy families, the individuals who are in real need to the apportion bundles. They have additionally helped network kitchens in the city by giving wheat, oil, rice, and so forth, the one’s set up the Government of Kerala during the lockdown. These people group kitchens serve prepared nourishment to poor individuals during the lockdown. They have ensured to feed all the needy. The government is also making sure that they reach out their hands to all of them.

Up until this point, OY Group has been effective in adjusting more than 500 lives. When asked what the explanation for their generous assistance to one among their leader, Velayudhan K, he addressed that they needed to be the explanation somebody still have confidence in the decency of humanity. They have been tirelessly visiting destinations and helping the needy as much as possible. We all need to recognize humane spirits like them.

We salute Lead Kindness Hero OY WELFARE

Written by:Gayathri Raj

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