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Rajarajan the team organizer of Yuva Unstoppable, an organisation that was started in 2005 in Ahmedabad Gujarat is Volunteering, through which they motivate Young people. They run internship programs as well.

In 2007 it was started it in Tamilnadu. Basically it is an autonomous central unit and they manage our works and fund. In Tamilnadu they mainly function as volunteering group. They work in Chennai, Pondicherry, Perambalur, Trichy, Kumbakonam, Madurai and tirupattur. They do Student development program, Environmental awareness, Chain of happiness, where they get news dresses and gifts to underprivileged kids in various child homes and Relief work.

After the virus outbreak throughout the nation they're distributing food packets to the people in streets. They have distributed more than 500 packets till now. He's a doctor and he also runs a cafe restaurant called "the critics poetry cafe". So he has the privilege to move around and also have access to few things and that is the reason volunteering and distribution has become easy to him in this lockdown. But at the same time " The Critics poetry cafe" where they have established a community kitchen and have production limitations.

Their work is for the people in Trichy. He does Food distribution, Groceries distribution and Sanitation kit distribution (mask + rubber gloves + soaps). It is said that they'll be continuing the work, as and when needed and when possible they will increase the count. Targeting 500 families they are planning to provide dry rations (other than those distributed in ration shops) following the collectorate's direction they're doing this. 200nos of sanitation kits has been given to sanitation workers. Through the district corporation and health inspector they're doing this.

We salute the Lead kindness Hero Rajarajan from Ahmedabad

By:Gayathri Krithika

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