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Lead Kindness Hero Smile Society

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing prayer’

- Mahatma Gandhi

While Odisha had managed to control the horrendous preposition namely COVID-19 by becoming the first state to announce lockdown, situation is going quickly downhill. After months of complete silence, Odisha is witnessing a quick escalation in positive cases and this time the epicenter in Balasore. With thousands of migrants fleeing West Bengal and seeking unauthorized refuge in Odisha, Balasore is nearing a critical proposition.

Amongst the concerning situation, a non-profit organization Smile Society is trying their best to pacify the Odisha inhabitants by distributing reliefs. The Smile Society consists of a group of likeminded people devoted to the cause of helping the society.

They had started this initiative since 26th march. Their main objective is to reach out to masses that don’t have an access to ration card and help them. They intend to reach the unreachable and they have been striving hard to reach their targeted goal.

On 11th of april Smile society distributed cooked food to over 350 people in a small ghetto while following self preservation protocols. Furthermore they had urged people to join hands with them and help the necessitous. They have visited several old age homes, local slums and helped the transgender community with fully prepared food near Sergarh Tollgate.

Their mission is to continue aiding the people throughout the lockdown period and their efforts are deeply appreciated. They have distributed ration and food essentials to more than a 100 households by far and have aided 90 families in the suburb region of Jaleshwar.

They have been doing their bit selflessly for the greater good of people and citizens of Balasore can’t thank them enough. For a burning spirit like this, we salute Smile Society.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Smile Society.


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