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Lead Kindness Hero Sri Guru HARRAI charitable trust sewadars

Since few years the langar sewa for underprivileged sangat is going every morning at 6:30 am at Malad Gurudwara run by Sri Guru HARRAI charitable trust sewadars. Approx 100-150 people(Sangat) come here are daily wages worker, and some have other earning challenges.  

Still, under the current circumstances, this langar sewa is going on. The Sangat number has increased to above 200, as now many of these people are unable to earn their living. But their hope on Higher authority is not gone down. They come, they spend time reciting Waheguru Ji, thanking Almighty and have their morning food and go back to their open sky #quarantine.

Some of the sangat are coming since years & have even stopped their regular alcohol drinking and tobacco chewing habit, under the coaching from these sewadars. Some of them share their health benefit post leaving these terrible habits. As part of daily routine, sangat will leave their footwear in one corner, sweep the floor, wash their hand with soap and water, recite Waheuguru Ji, have langar and even wash the plates, tea glass and putting back in the proper place before leaving. And these disciplines are maintained under the guidance of sewadars.

This sangat don’t have WhatsApp, so they don’t know about social distancing, but Sewadars are helping them maintain the Social distancing. These sewdars are using protectives during distribution and cooking food.

What’s more important to think is under such a stressful situation beyond doctors, police and necessary services. There are some people(Sewadars) who have taken up these sewa and making sure arranging food one day prior and getting ready by morning 6:30 am and conducting this sewa under Waheguru Ji blessing

Praying for their Good health and giving them the strength to help people.

We salute to all Sri Guru HARRAI charitable trust sewadars, you are our Lead Kindness Heros Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa 🙏🏽 Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh 🙏🏽

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