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Put together a writing kit with stationery, envelopes and stamps, pen and give to hospital

Hospitals are givers to the society, they are the caretakers ultimately be it anyone. How wonderful it would be to give back to them somehow and not just in terms of paying them but also taking care of their little needs just like they do of ours. I had this idea building since a long time that I could help in my own little way which would be entirely different from the conventional way of gifting to hospitals. So I came up with the idea of gifting stationery, as after medicines this is one category of articles they need and use the most. I remember the receptionist at the hospital near my house smiling and waving to me with the same pen in her hand which I had gifted and carrying around the same diary everywhere. It is amazing how such small gestures can bring about such changes.#hospital #care #love

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