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Get some groceries for a financially struggling family

Every colonyis allotted with a municipal dump collectors, sweepers, and a security. For every three months the dump collector changes. One day a new dump collector joined the job, his name is ‘Raju’. I was surprised to know that he is doing this job and studying in Andhra university distance education. He is very passionate towards studies but due to lack of facilities he had not continued his education. He also said that his father had expired recently. He is the only one to look after his family. He has two brothers too, they were studying 10th and 11th classes. The salary he earns is very less. One day his mother got sick and he admitted her in a hospital. He is a guy with self-respect, he didn’t asked for help to anyone. Today on the way to my office, I’ve Raju near government hospital. I have asked him what have happened ten he said about his situation. Then I have took him along with me to a supermarket near by and purchased some groceries. In the beginning he have refused to accept my offer. But I’ve compelled him to take those for the sake of his mother and gave him some amount. I saw tears in his eyes and he have hugged me and thanked me a lot. He, also called me brother. Then I’ve understood the feelings of people working for us. If we have the positive thinking to treat everyone equally, then there will be no ego problem between people.

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