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Life is a Circle

Whatever we do to others comes back to us in some or the other way. Once upon a time there lived a couple in a small town. The couple wanted a child but due to some physical problems in the couple there was no hope. Once their maid Neema was in absolute financial crisis and her son madhur was suffering from a very serious disorder. When couple got to know about the health issues of Neema's son they asked her to consult a doctor of their choice. As doctor was an earlier acquaintance he charged less and her son Madhur was revived. Later on days kept on going and Neema was pregnant. She took leave and daily thought of ways to return the help of couple in some way. By deep thinking she decided to give her newborn as a child to the couple . After the delivery she went to the couple's home for her final payment and said that she would not come for work after that day. Both husband and wife were upset at Neema'sgesture. Neema left and returned to her home. In the evening Neena went to the couple's home and with heavy heart left her newborn . When the couple returned home they found the baby in front of their door, they were astonished and soon realized that it was Neema's baby the couple hurried to Neema's home but Neema had already left. They accepted the baby as their child and were really happy. Thus life is a circle if you do a little good for someone you will surely get a lot good in return.

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